CIS111E Chapter 11 Collaboration and Workbook Distribution

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  1. Metadata (p. 597)
    Pieces of data, such as a keyword, that describes other data, such as the contents of a file.
  2. Document properties (p. 597)
    An attribute, such as an author's name or keyword, that describes a file.
  3. Collaboration (p. 603)
    Occurs when multiple people work together to achieve a common goal by using technology to edit the contents of a file.
  4. Shared Workbook (p. 603)
    A file that enables multiple users to make changes at the same time.
  5. Comment (p. 606)
    A notation attached to a cell to pose a question or provide commentary.
  6. Comment indicator (p. 606)
    A colored triangle in the top-right corner of a cell to indicate that the cell contains comments.
  7. Track changes (p. 608)
    Records certain types of changes made in a workbook.
  8. History worksheet (p. 611)
    Lists particular types of changes made to a workbook
  9. Document inspector (p. 617)
    Detects hidden and personal data in a workbook to remove.
  10. Accessibility Checker (p. 618)
    Detects issues that could hinder a user's ability to user a workbook.
  11. Compatibility Checker (p. 618)
    Detects data and features that are not compatible with previous versions of Excel
  12. Digital Signature (p. 620)
    An electronic notation in a document to authenticate the contents.
  13. Signature Line (p. 621)
    Enables a person to type or insert a visible digital signature to authenticate the workbook.
  14. Portable Document Format (PDF) (p. 627)
    A universal file format that preserves a document's original data and formatting for multiplatform use.
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