Micro Vocab Chap 1

  1. Microorganism/Microbe
    A living organism to small to be seen with the naked eyea living organism to small to be seen with the naked eye
  2. Pathogenic
    Disease producing
  3. Genus
    The first name of the scientific name (binomial)
  4. Species
    The most specific level in the taxonomic heirarchy (specific epithet)
  5. Bacteria
    Domain or prokaryotic organisms, characterized by peptidoglycan cell walls
  6. Prokaryotes
    A cell whose genetic material is not enclosed in a nuclear envelope
  7. Archaea
    Domain of prokaryotic cells lacking peptidoglycan
  8. Fungi
    Eukaryotic organisms distinguished by the presence of chitin in their cell walls
  9. Protozoa
    Unicellular eukaryotic organisms most of which have some means of moving (flagella, cillia, psuedopods)
  10. Viruses
    A submicroscopic, parasitic, filterable agent consisting of nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coat
  11. Eukaryotes
    A cell having DNA inside a distinct membrane-enclosed nucleus
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