Spanish Verbs 2

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  1. alejarse de
    to move away from
  2. burlarse de
    to mock
  3. casarse con
    to marry
  4. compadecerse de
    to sympathize with
  5. comprometerse con
    to get engaged to
  6. confiar en
    to trust
  7. contar con
    to count on
  8. depender de
    to depend on
  9. despedirse de
    to say goodbye to
  10. enamorarse de
    to fall in love with
  11. encontrarse con
    to meet (on purpose)
  12. encontrarse a
    to meet (on accident)
  13. enterarse de
    to find out (about)
  14. entrar en
    to enter (a place)
  15. fijarse en
    to notice
  16. oler a
    to smell like
  17. reírse de
    to laugh at
  18. soñar con
    to dream about/of
  19. viajar en
    to travel by
  20. acordar
    to agree on
  21. agradecer
    to be grateful for
  22. aprovechar
    to take advantage of
  23. buscar
    to look for
  24. cuidar
    to care for
  25. desear
    to long for
  26. entregar
    to present with
  27. escuchar
    to listen to
  28. esperar
    to hope for
  29. lograr
    to succeed in
  30. mirar
    to look at
  31. pagar
    to pay for
  32. pedir
    to ask for
  33. pensar
    to plan on
  34. proporcionar
    to provide with
  35. quitar
    to take off
  36. solicitar
    to apply for
  37. suplicar
    to beg for
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