Chapter 9 Vocab

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  1. Runoff
    Water that doesn't soak into the ground or evaporate but instead flows across Earth's surface.
  2. Channel
    Water moving down the same path creates a groove.
  3. Sheet Erosion
    Occurs when water that is as sheets picks up and carries away sediments.
  4. Drainage Basin
    Is the area of land from which a stream or river collects runoff.
  5. Meander
    A curve that grows to become a broad ark.
  6. Ground Water
    Water that soaks into the ground collects in pores and empty spaces.
  7. Impermeable
    Soil and rock.
  8. Impermeable
    Water that cannot pass trough some materials.
  9. Aquifer
    A layer of preamble rock that lets water move freely.
  10. Water Table
    The upper surface of this zone.
  11. Spring
    Water that flows out.
  12. Geyser
    Is a hot spring that erupts periodically,shooting water and steam into the air.
  13. Cave
    Cracks that enlarge in limestone until an underground opening forms.
  14. Longshore Current
    Water that runs parallel to the shoreline.
  15. Beaches
    Are deposits of sediment that are parallel to the shore.
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