Chapter 9 Vocabulary

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  1. Runoff
    any water that doesnt soak into the ground or evaporate but flows over Earth's surface; generally flows into streams and has the ability to erode and carry sediments
  2. Channel
    a groove created by water moving down the same path
  3. Sheet Erosion
    occurs when water that is flowing as sheets picks up and carries away sediments
  4. Drainage Basin
    the area of land from which a stream or river collects runoff
  5. Meander
    the curve that grows to become a broad arc
  6. Groundwater
    water that soaks into the ground and collects in pores and empty spaces and is an important source of drinking water
  7. Peramble
    describes soil and rock with connecting pores through which water can flow
  8. Imperamble
    decribes materials that water can not pass through
  9. Aquifer
    layer of permeable rock that allows water to flow through
  10. Spring
    forms when the water table meets Earth's surface; often found on hillsides and used as a fresh water source
  11. Geyser
    hot spring that erupts periodacally and shoots water and steam into the air- for example, Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park
  12. Cave
    underground opening that can form when acidic groundwater dissolves limestone
  13. Longshore Current
    current that runs parallel to the shoreline, is caused by waves colliding with the shore at slight angles, and moves tons of loose sediment
  14. Beach
    deposit of sediment whose materials vary in size, color, and composition and is most commonly found on smooth, gently sloped shoreline 
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