Cognitive Walkthrough CSE 556A: Human Computer Interaction

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  1. Cognitive Walkthrough -- Process:
    • 1 Select one of the task scenarios
    • 2 Write out the correct sequence/system responses
    • 3 For each user’s step/action in the task:
    •      -Can you build a believable story that motivates the user’s actions?

         -Can you rely on user’s expected knowledge and training about system ( knowledgeable)?

         -Will they see the control?

         -Will the recognize that it does what they want?

         -After they perform the action will the understand the feedback?
  2. Questions to ask while Cognitive Walkthrough is going on:
    • Will users be trying to produce whatever effect the action has?
    • Will users notice the correct action is available?
    • Once users find the correct action in the interface, will they know it is the right one for the effect they want to produce?
    • After the action is taken, will users understand the feedback they get?
  3. List the possible columns on a table or chart to list the analysis questions(*):
    • Description of Step
    • Does the user have the knowledge/training to do this?
    • Is it believable that they would do it?
    • Are they motivated?
    • Commentsolution
  4. T/F Cognitive Walkthroughs can be a substitution for user testing even if you can perform user testing.
    F: False!
  5. T/F: If you are in a domain where it is impractical to perform user testing, Cognitive Walkthroughs can be used instead.
    T: True!
  6. T/F: In practice, you can use this to get more out of your user testing.
    T: True!: Use it before user catch as much as possible.
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Cognitive Walkthrough CSE 556A: Human Computer Interaction
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