Research Multivariate Statistics

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  1. Multivariate analysis include at least ______ variables
  2. Multiple regression or multiple correlation analysis is used to analyze the effects of ____ or more ________ variables on a continuous _______ variable.
    • 2
    • independent
    • dependent
  3. ________ analysis is used to make predictions.
  4. In simple regression, one _______ variable (X) is used to predict a __________ (Y)
    • independent
    • dependent
  5. An important feature of regression is that the ________ the correlation between 2 variables, the more accurate the prediction
  6. _____ indicated a perfect correlation.
    r= 1.00
  7. When there is a perfect correlation between two variables, we need only measure _____ to know the value of the other
  8. The basic linear regression equation is:
                 Y' = a + bX
    What is Y', a, b, X
    • Y'= predicted value of variable Y
    • a= intercept constant
    • b=regression coeeficient
    • X=actual value of variable X
  9. Regression analysis solves for ____ and _____, and so a prediction about _____ can be made for any value of ______.
    • a and b
    • Y
    • X
  10. ___________ is used to determine a straight- line fit to the data that minimizes deviations from the line.
    Linear regression
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