Cultural Considerations/Professional Boundaries

  1. Culture
    social identity including practices that differentiate one group from another. (traditions, practices, religions, ones own values.
  2. Cultural diversity
    USA-Immigration- many people from different backgrounds-with their own spirituality, customs, cultural heritage, professional behaviors, levels of comfort, communication.
  3. Be familiar with
    • stereotypes
    • ageism
    • Just use common sense, value diversity and be open to your patients culture and values. Treat others the way "they" want to be treated.
  4. Subculture
    oppose those of dominant group
  5. Professional boundary
    Limits that protect the space between the professionals power and the patients vulnerability. create a safe connection based on the needs of the patient.
  6. Professional boundaries continued
    Common sense and critical thinking....ex don't accept lavish gifts from patients, don't have sex with your patients, don't share intimate details of your life with patient, don't abuse your power and don't take advantage of your patient....again with the common sense... :)
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Cultural Considerations/Professional Boundaries