5th Grade Chapter 4 Test How and Why Europeans Came to the New World

  1. What book contained stories and teachings of the Christian faith? It was made up of the Old and New Testament. It was used to help spread Christianity in the New World.
  2. What object was made from gold or silver? It represented wealth and power especially to countries like Spain.
  3. What instrument would be used by a sailor to observe and calculate the position of the sun and other stars? It helped to measure the latitude.
    astroglobe (look at picture on pg 47)
  4. What was a symbol of power of countries and rulers? It was planted to claim or take land for their country.
    a flag to honor the king or queen
  5. What crop provided a valuable food source for Europeans? It helped to improve the diets of people.
  6. What crop did many Europeans enjoy smoking, chewing, and snuffing? Some believed this plant could be used as medicine.
    tobacco (look at picture on pg 51)
  7. What were drawings of land and water? They showed a scale that helped sailors determine distances on Earth.
    world maps (look at picture on pg 48)
  8. What was tool used by sailors that helped to find which direction was north? The needle was attracted to a magnetic field that lines up close to the North Pole.
    compass (look at picture on pg 47)
  9. Following the Reformation many wars were fought between which two groups?
    Protestants and Catholics
  10. Which foods were from the Americas and brought back to Europe by the explorers?
    potatoes and squash
  11. The Spanish armies conquered which group to retake Spain in 1492?
  12. Which cash crop was in really high demand by Europeans and used by Native Americans in ceremonies? It also caused some to become addicted to it.
  13. What were European explorers searching for when the Age of Exploration began?
    new routes to Asia
  14. A period of time beginning in the late 1400's, which European explorers were looking to find new routes to Asia and discovered the Americas was called the ____________________.
    Age of Exploration
  15. _____________________ includes the landmasses of North America, Central America, and South America.
    The Americas
  16. An independent country like Spain whose people mostly share a common identity is called a(n) __________________.
  17. The name that Europeans used to refer to the Americans was called the ________________.
    New World
  18. A person who travels in search of new geographical information is known as a(n) __________________.
  19. A scientist who studies artifacts to learn about past cultures is called a(n) ______________.
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5th Grade Chapter 4 Test How and Why Europeans Came to the New World
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