Lecture 14- Transcription

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  1. Forms of prokaryotic RNA
    23S, 18S, 5S
  2. Forms of Eukaryotic rRNA
    28S, 18S, 5.8S, 5S
  3. Three stages of Transcription
    Intiation, Elongation, Termination
  4. Initiation
    • 1.Polymerase binds to promotor region
    • 2.Opens the complex
    • 3. Cataluzes phosphodiesterase linkage
  5. Elongation
    Elongates RNA
  6. Termination
    Releases RNA, and dissociates at stop site
  7. Rifampin
    • -Drug treats tuberulosis
    • -prevents intiation of rna synthesis byt halting RNA polyermerase for prokaryotes
  8. Prokaryotic promoter regions
    -35 and Prinbow box
  9. lac operon codes for:
    • Z- beta galactosidase
    • Y - lactose permease
    • A- thiogalactoside transactylase
  10. Alpha amantin (muschroom) effect
    inhibits RNA pol II and partly RNA pol III
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