Health 1500 Final Test

  1. What is Psychoneuroimmunology?
    the study of the brain, nervous  and immune system
  2. Two keys contributors to death among Americans?
    Obesity and Tobacco
  3. When  we setting Goals , SMART means?
    • S: Specific
    • M:Measurable
    • A: Attainable
    • R: Realistic
    • T: Time Specific
  4. When we make a personal contract, what it should include?
    • - Start Day
    • - Steps you are taking to measure progress
    • - Finish date
    • - Strategy
  5. How many hours is healthy to sleep?
    7-9 hours
  6. Name four relaxations techniques
    • - meditation
    • - Yoga
    • - Listen music
    • - Mowing the grass
  7. characteristics of friendship are?
    • - Trustworthy
    • - Support
    • - Forgiveness
  8. Keys to good communication are
    • - Self disclosure
    • - Listening
    • - Feedback
  9. What is heterosexual?
    The person who likes opposite sex gender
  10. What is homosexual?
    The person who likes same sex gender
  11. What is commercial sex?
    • -Pornography
    • -Prostitution
  12. What is cybersex?
    Sexting, erotic interaction over the internet( Viral sex)
  13. what is an addiction?
    It's a habit out of control
  14. what is cancer?
    It's abnormal , uncontrolled multiplication of cells
  15. what is a benign tumor?
    It's a tumor not cancerous
  16. What is a malign tumor?
    It's a tumor capable of spreading
  17. If a cancer has metastizzed  it has what?
    it  has spread from one part of the body to another
  18. when someone has cancer and its on remission what it means?
    The signs of the disease is under control
  19. what is stress, and how do you manage it?
    • - A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.
    • - I like to manage stress working out and playing sports
  20. What is the body largest organ?
    The Skin
  21. what is alcohol poisoning?
    drinking large amounts of alcohol  in short period of time and raises BAC to lethal range
  22. What is cirrhosis ?
    It's a disease when the liver is severe damaged by alcohol or other toxins
  23. How you can tell someone become an alcoholic?
    • - drinking alone
    • - drinking off time
    • - getting drunk more often
    • - vodka is their water (lol)
  24. The immune system  can be thought  of  as two systems aide:
    • - innate is born with it
    • - adaptive , develop over time
  25. What is epidemic?
    It's a rapidly spreading disease or health condition
  26. What is pandemic?
    It's widespread epidemic
  27. What is Pneumonia?
    Inflammation of the lungs
  28. meningitis?
    It's an infection of brain membranes in the spinal cord
  29. Tuberculosis
    A Chronic bacteria infection that usually infects the lungs
  30. What is a tick born infection?
    Lyme disease , rocky mountain and spoiled fever
  31. name two bacterial infections
    • -ulcer
    • -purtusis
    • - urinary tract infection
  32. Most contagious diseases are caused by?
  33. How can you support your immune system?
    • - Exercise
    • - Eating
    • - Sleep
    • - Hand washing
  34. what does STD mean?
    sexually transmitted disease
  35. HIV ?
    Human immunodeficiency virus
  36. The virus that causes AIDS ?
  37. what is AIDS?
    Acquire immunodeficiency syndrome , generally fatal , incurable and sexually transmitted
  38. Kaposi's sarcoma
    A form of cancer characterized by purple/brown lesions, associated with HIV? AIDS
  39. Name three ways to prevent AIDS?
    • - Use a new condom every time you have sex.
    • -Consider the drug Truvada.
    • - Tell your sexual partners if you have HIV.
    • - Use a clean needle.
    • - If you're pregnant, get medical care right away.
    • -  Consider male circumcision.
  40. What is the most prevalent bacterial in the USA?
  41. In the US rated of ______ are  highest among adolescents and young adults
  42. what is HPV?
    Human papallova virus- precursor to cancer in mouths, anus, etc
  43. Pelvic inflammation disease
    infection in the vagina, uterus and pelvic cavity
  44. How long is an adult's intestine?
    17 feet
  45. The digestive process starts in the
  46. The livers role is to
    turn food to water
  47. When they reach the stomach, mashed u food particles mix with
  48. Bile is made in the
  49. What does the digestive system do
    breaks down and handles food
  50. your food can spend up to this long in the small instestines
    4 hours
  51. What tube moves food from the back of your throat to the stomach
  52. Which organs help with the absorption of nutrients
    pancreas, liver, gall bladder
  53. The large intestines measure about
    10 feet long
  54. In general you should see a physician for symptoms you would describe as
    • a. Severe pain
    • b. major injuries
    • c. unexplained weight loss
    • d. numbness
  55. Non-drug options are often easy and inexpensive name 6
    • 1. Netty pot
    • 2. Ice packs
    • 3. chicken Noodle soups
    • 4. essential oil
    • 5. clear liquids
    • 6. sleeping
  56. Self-Medicating with over the counter drugs, what are 4 things you need to be aware of to medicate safely
    • 1. Proper dosage
    • 2. Know what the drug is for
    • 3. Drugs interactions
    • 4. checking expiration date
  57. What is CAM practitioner?
    • - Complementary
    • - Alternative
    • - Medicine
  58. Name 5 CAM therapies
    • 1. Tai chi
    • 2. Meditation 
    • 3. Acupuncture
    • 4. Bio feedback
  59. A system of medicine based on the application of scientific method
  60. Unconventional medical practices that are used together with conventional one
  61. What is a placebo effect?
    It's a drug that people received when they are testing
  62. What is the key ingredient to getting the most out of your medical care?
  63. What is a cannabis?
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