vocab #8

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  1. garish
    excessively vivid colors
  2. gingerly
    very cautious, careful
  3. gratuitous
    not called for by the circumstances, as a gratuitous insult
  4. gullible
    easily fooled or duped
  5. hubris
    excessive pride, arrogance
  6. idiosyncrasy
    any personal peculiarity, eccentricity
  7. fallible
    prone to making errors
  8. fastidious
    exacting, meticulous, hard to please
  9. fathom
    figure out, comprehend, probe the depth of
  10. feasible
  11. fervor
    intense feelings, great passion
  12. flaunt
    to violate conventions, treat with contempt
  13. emulate
    to imitate, copy
  14. enamor
    fill with love
  15. equanimity
    evenness of mind, especially under stress
  16. espouse
    to give support to (as in beliefs)
  17. exasperate
    to cause irritation or annoyance
  18. exigency
    great urgency, requiring immediate attention
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