Units 4-6

  1. Atrophy
    • (N) the wasting away of a body organ or tissue; any progressive decline or failure
    • (V) Wasting away
    • S: degeneration, deterioration; wither
    • A: growth; mature
  2. bastion
    • (n) a fortified place, stronghold
    • S: citadel, rampart, parapet
  3. Concord
    • (n) a state of agreement, harmony, unanimity; a treaty, pact, covenant
    • A: disagreement, strife, discord
  4. Consummate
    • (adj) complete or perfect in the highest degree
    • (v) to bring to a state of completion or perfection
    • S: masterful; clinch, mess up
    • A: launch, initiate, begin, kick off
  5. disarray
    • (N) disorder, confusion
    • (v) to throw into disorder
    • S: disorganization; dishevel, mess up
    • A: organization, order, tidiness
  6. exigency
    • (n, often pl) urgency, pressure; urgent demand, pressing need; an emergency
    • S: requirement, crisis
  7. flotsam
    • (n) floating debris; homeless, impoverished people
    • S: floating wreckage
  8. frenetic
    • (adj) frenzied, highly agitated
    • S: frantic, overwrought
    • A: calm, controlled, relaxed, leisurely
  9. glean
    • (v) to gather bit by bit; to gather small quantities of grain left in a field by the reapers
    • S: cull, pick up
  10. grouse
    • (n) a type of game bird; a complaint
    • (v) to complain, grumble
    • S: kvetch, bellyache
  11. incarnate
    • (v) to imprison, confine, jail
    • S: intern
    • A: liberate, free
  12. incumbent
    • (adj) obligatory, required
    • (n) one who holds a specific office at the time of spoken of
    • S: mandatory, necessary
    • A: optional, unnecessary
  13. jocular
    • (adj) humorous, jesting, jolly, joking
    • S: waggish, facetious, droll
    • A: solemn, grave, earnest, grim
  14. ludicrous
    • (adj) ridiculous, laughable, absurd
    • S: risible, preposterous
    • A: heartrending, poignant, pathetic
  15. mordant
    • (adj) biting or caustic in thought, manner or style; sharply or bitterly harsh
    • S: acrimonious, acidulous, sardonic, scathing
    • A: bland, mild, gentle, soothing
  16. nettle
    • (n) a prickly or stinging plant
    • (v) to arouse or displeasure
    • S: peeve, annoy, incense, gall
    • A: please, delight, soothe, pacify
  17. pecuniary
    • (adj) consisting of or measured in money; of or related to more
    • S: monetary
  18. pusillanimous
    • (adj) contemptibly cowardly or mean spirited
    • S: lily-livered
    • A: stouthearted, courageous
  19. recumbent
    • (adj) in a reclining position, lying down, in the posture of one sleeping or resting
    • S: prone, supine, inactive
    • A: erect, energetic, dynamic
  20. Strategem
    • a scheme to outwit or deceive an opponent or to gain an end
    • S: trick, ploy, subterfuge
  21. acuity
    • (n) sharpness (in mind or senses)
    • S: acuteness
    • A: dullness, obtuseness
  22. delineate
    • (v) to portray, sketch, or describe in accurate and vivid detail; to represent pictorially
    • S: picture, render
  23. depraved
    • (adj) marked by evil and corruption, devoid of moral principles
    • S: perverted, degenerate, vicious, corrupt
    • A: moral, virtuous, upright, uncorrupted
  24. enervate
    • (v) to weaken or lessen the mental, moral or physical vigor of; enfeeble, hamstring
    • S: impair, cripple, paralyze
    • A: invigorate, strengthen, buttress
  25. esoteric
    • (adj) intended for or understood by only a select few, private secret
    • S: cryptic. arcane, recondite
    • A: accessible, comprehensible, intelligible
  26. fecund
    • (adj) fruitful in offspring or vegetation; intellectually productive
    • S: fertile, teeming, prolific
    • A: infertile, barren, unproductive
  27. fiat
    • (n) an arbitrary order or decree; a command pr act of will or consciousness
    • S: dictum, ukase
  28. figment
    • (n) a fabrication of the mind; an arbitrary notion
    • S: invention, fancy
  29. garner
    • (v) to acquire as the result of effort; to gather and store away, as for future use
    • S: collect, accumulate, accrue
    • A: scatter, squander, waste, dissipate
  30. hallow
    • (v) to set apart as holy or sacred, sanctify, consecrate; to honor greatly, revere
    • S: collect, accumulate, accrue
    • A: scatter, squander, waste, dissipate
  31. idiosyncrasy
    • (n) a peculiarity the serves to distinguish or identify
    • S: quirk, mannerism
  32. ignominy
    • (n) shame and disgrace
    • S: humiliation, disrepute, odium
    • A: honor, acclaim
  33. mundane
    • (adj) earthly, worldly, relating to practical and material affairs; concerned with what is ordinary
    • S: prosaic, humdrum, routine, sublunary
    • A: heavenly, spiritual, transcendental
  34. nuance
    • (n) a subtle or slight variation (as in color, meaning, quality), delicate gradation or shade of difference
    • S: shade, nicety, refinement
  35. overweening
    • (adj) conceited, presumptuous; excessive, immoderate
    • S: arrogant, unbridled, inflated
    • A: restrained, understated, meek
  36. penchant
    • (n) a strong attraction or inclination
    • S: proclivity, predilection
    • A: disinclination, aversion
  37. reputed
    • (adj) according to reputation or general belief; having widespread acceptance and good reputation
    • (part) alleged
    • S: putative, reputable
    • A: proven, corroborated, authenticated
  38. sophistry
    • (n) reasoning that seems plausible but is actually unsound; a fallacy
    • S: specious reasoning
  39. sumptuous
    • (adj) costly, rich, magnificent
    • S: lavish, munificent, opulent, splendid
    • A: skimpy, stingy, niggardly, spartan
  40. ubiquitous
    • (adj) present or existing everywhere
    • S: pervasive, universal
    • A: restricted, limited, rare, scarce
  41. abject
    • (adj) degraded; base, contemptible; cringing, servile; complete and unrelieved
    • S: wretched, miserable, ignoble, sheer, utter
    • A: noble, exalted
  42. agnostic
    • (n) one who believes that nothing can be known about God; a skeptic
    • (adj) without faith, skeptical
    • S: doubter
    • A: believer
  43. complicity
    • (n) involvement in wrongdoing; the state of being an accomplice
    • S: connivance, collusion
    • A: non involvement, innocence
  44. derelict
    • (n) some/something that is abandoned or neglected
    • (adj) left abandoned; neglected of duty
    • S: vagrant; delinquent
    • A: punctilious, conscientious, scrupulous
  45. Diatribe
    • (n) a bitter and prolonged verbal attack
    • S: harangue, tirade
    • A: panegyric, encomium, eulogy
  46. effigy
    • (n) a crude image of a despised person
    • S: figure, figurine
  47. equity
    • (n) the state/quality of being just, fair, or impartial; fair and equal treatment; something that is fair; the money value of a property above and beyond any mortgage or other claim
    • S: justice, fairness, impartiality
    • A: unfairness, bias, prejudice
  48. inane
    • (adj) silly, empty of meaning or value
    • S: idiotic, moronic, fatuous
    • A: sensible, meaningful, profound
  49. indictment
    • (n) the act of accusing; a formal accusation
    • S: charge, accusation
  50. indubitable
    • (adj) certain, not to be doubted or denied
    • S: unquestionable, indisputable
    • A: questionable, debatable, dubious
  51. intermittent
    • (adj) stopping and beginning again, sporadic
    • S: fitful, spasmodic, random
    • A: uninterrupted
  52. moot
    • (adj) open to discussion and debate, unresolved
    • (v) to bring up for discussion
    • (n) a hypothetical law case argued by students
    • S: debatable, questionable,; broach
    • A: undebatable, undisputable, self evidnnt
  53. motif
    (n) a principal idea, feature, theme, or element; a repeated or dominant figure in a design
  54. neophyte
    • (n) a new convert, beginner, novice
    • S: tenderfoot, tyro
    • A: veteran, past master, expert, pro
  55. perspicacity
    • (n) keenness in observing and understanding
    • S: acumen, discernment
    • A: dullness, obtuseness
  56. plenary
    • (adj) complete in all aspects or essentials; absolute; attended by all qualified members
    • S: unrestricted
    • A: limited, restricted, incomplete
  57. surveillance
    • (n) a watch kept over a person; careful, close and disciplined observation
    • S: observation, monitoring
  58. sylvan
    • (adj) pertaining to or characteristic of forests; living or located in a forest; wooded, woody
    • S: Arcadian
  59. testy
    • (adj) easily irritated; characterized by impatience and exasperation
    • S: irritable, peevish, waspish, petulant
    • A: imperturbable, unexcited
  60. travesty
    • (n) a grotesque or grossly inferior imitation; a disguise, especially the clothing of the opposite sex
    • (v) to ridicule by imitating in a broad or burlesque fashion
    • S: burlesque, caricature, farce
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