lab 5 bones

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  1. inferior to the eyebrows, hole in top of orbital cavity.
    supraorbital notch/foramen Frontal bone
  2. ear hole name
    External acoustic meatus Temporal bone
  3. depression or hallow for back hinge of jaw
    mandibular fossa Temporal bone.
  4. pen structure behind ear
    styloid process of temporal bone
  5. Thin bone from back of jaw attaching to zygomatic bone
    zygomatic process of temporal bone
  6. protrusion of bone behind ear
    mastoid process of temporal bone
  7. inferior region of bat shaped wings from superior cranial view
    greater wings of sphenoid bone
  8. superior region of bat shaped wings from superior cranial view
    lesser wings of sphenoid bone
  9. Center of  bat shaped wings from superior cranial view
    stella turcica of sphenoid bone
  10. front lateral bone below optical cavity
    zytomatic bone
  11. small bone by tear duct
    lacrimal bone
  12. inner round bones in nose
    Inferior nasal concha of ethmoid bone
  13. center lower nose bone
  14. where are your sinuses, and what are they called on your face
    paranasal sinuses: by eyebrows, below eyes, around bridge of nose
  15. points above where teeth grow on superior mouth bone
    aveolar processes of maxilla bone
  16. holes near cheeks
    infraorbital foramen of maxilla
  17. anterior view of roof of mouth
    palantine process of maxilla bone
  18. what does condyle mean
    rounded protuberance at the end of bone
  19. large lower region below the front teeth
    body of mandible
  20. posterior jaw bone that fits in socket
    mandibular condyle of mandible
  21. anterior projection of jaw bone
    coronoid process of mandible
  22. points where teeth grow on inferior mouth bone
    alveolar process of mandible
  23. chin
    mental eminence of mandible
  24. hole in lower jaw
    mental foramen of mandible
  25. uppermost bump in back of head
    external occipital protuberance
  26. hole in skull for spinal cord
    foramen magnum of occipital bone
  27. two lower hanging ridges around bump in back of the head, and located at bottom of skull
    occipital condyles
  28. lower line ridge on back of head
    superior nuchal line
  29. bone below jaw shaped like a horse shoe
    hyoid bone
  30. top pointing projection, anterior to spinus process of vertebra
    Dens of Axis C2 vertebrae, it's a pivot point
  31. spongy shit between vertebrae
    intervertebral disk
  32. number and names of top 2 vertebrae
    cervical vertebrae includes atlas (C1) and Axis (C2)- C7
  33. number vertebrae and name of section behind lungs
    thoracic vertebrae include T1-T12 (6-19)
  34. vertebrae numbers and name behind the bellybutton
    lumbar vertebrae L1-L5 (20-25)
  35. upper winglike shape of butt bone. Yeah I said your butt has wings!
    Ala! of sacrum
  36. 4 bumps on butt bone
    medial sacral crest of sacrum
  37. lateral bone separating left and right on nose
    perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone
  38. area around crista gail (superior view of cranium)
    cribiform plate of ethmoid bone
  39. hole in cribiform plate are called
    olfactory foramin of ethmoid bone
  40. area between cribiform plate
    crista galli of ethmoid bone.
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