Lecture 2-3 skeletal system

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  1. 1) what's on the epiphysis of the femur
    2) longest region of femur is called the ___
    3) what's the line called that separates the epiphysis from the diaphysis
    • 1) articular cartilage (articular means joint
    • 2) Diaphysis
    • 3) epiphysial line
  2. where is spongy bone found
    in the head of long bones and middle of flat bones such as sternum
  3. Compact bone:

    1) bone matrix deposited in concentric circles called___
    2) the little black dots are called ____ are where _____ are located
    3) name of the big dark circles
    • 1) lamellae
    • 2) lacunae contain osteocytes
    • 3) haversian/central canals
  4. what are osteon
    a central canal and it's surrounding lamellae
  5. what are osteocytes
    mature bone cells (osteoblasts) that ocupy the lacunae
  6. what are canaliculi?
    delicate canals that radiate from each lacuna to it's neighbors
  7. what is periosteum
    tough fibrous connective tissue covering of bone as a whole
  8. what's the hole in the long bone of femur called
    nutrient foramen
  9. what's a "process" in anatomy
    natural outgrowth
  10. what's a foramen in anatomy
    opening or hole
  11. what's a fossa in anatomy
    shallow depression
  12. what's a sulcus in anatomy
    grove or furrow
  13. whats a styloid in anatomy
    resembling a pen
  14. what's a ramus in anatomy
    branch of bone
  15. what are the organic and inorganic components of bone composition
    • 1) organic: collagen fibers, tensile (pulling) strength
    • 2) inorganic: salts
  16. 1) what's in the center of the diaphysis of the long bone
    2)what does it contain
    medullary cavity, which contains marrow
  17. what are interstitial lamellae
    incomplete osteons which are broken down as bone remodles
  18. physical composition of spongy bone
    spongy bone, AKA trabeculae, spaces filled bone marrow.
  19. list 2 methods by which human bone develops in a fetus
    -intramembranous and endochondrial
  20. precursor for intramembranous ossification
    fibrous membrane
  21. precursor of endochondral ossification
    hyaline cartilage
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