Anatomy Lab Quiz 4 (3)

  1. A network of nerves, veins, or lymphatic vessels
  2. Involves a polysynaptic reflex arc results when, for instance, you step on a tack.  In response to such a painful stimulus, you immediately withdraw your leg
    Withdrawal reflex
  3. A reflex pathway having only one synapse in the CNS
    Monosynaptic reflex
  4. Involves more than two types of neurons and more than one CNS synapse
    Polysynaptic reflex
  5. Causes contraction of a skeletal muscle (the effector) in response to stretching of the muscle. This type of reflex occurs via monosynaptic reflex arc.
    Stretch reflex
  6. Besides initiating the flexor reflex that causes you to withdraw the limb, the pain impulses from stepping on the track also initiate this to help you maintain your balance
    Crossed extensor reflex
  7. Sensory nerve impulses enter the spinal cord on the same side from which motor nerve impulses leave it
  8. If the effector is skeletal muscle
    somatic reflex
  9. They involve responses of smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands; generally are not consciously perceived
    Visceral reflex
  10. relating to or denoting the side of the body opposite to that on which a particular structure or condition occurs.
    Contralateral reflex
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