History Exam 3

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  1. Name of collection of sayings from the prophet
  2. Holy book of Islam:
  3. Two major sects are of Umayyads:
    Shi’ites and Sunni
  4. 28 caves of rock paintings and carvings:
    Caves of Ajanta
  5. Who hindu female symbol of fertility:
  6. Aristocrtaic hindu clan fought hard to resent Islam:
  7. Mahayana followers believed who could help individuals achieve nirvana:
    devotion and not just through attention to one’s behavior, Siddhartha Gautama (bodhisattva)
  8. Founded Gupta dynasty:
    Kushan Kingdom (Chandragupta)
  9. Where abdasids esbalish capital
    Baghdad, center of commerce
  10. Muslim that drove crusaders out of Jerusalem:
    Saladin and Sunni muslims
  11. Byzantine empire fell to what group:
  12. Axum founded by colonizers from where?
    Saba kingdom across red sea to tip of Arabian Peninsula
  13. Who established colony on Madagascar:
  14. Arab conquerors of Egypt built new capital where:
  15. Greatest western African epic was epic of what:
    The epic of Son-Jara
  16. When ivan buta wrote a man doesn’t pass on inheritance to exlusion of his own sons hes referring to what: women got inheritance?
  17. Name of local African chieften:
  18. National language of tanzenia:
  19. What is true about bedouins society:
    Nomads from northern part of peninsula, organized into tribes and ruled by Sheik, Majlis: council of elders who selected the Sheikh
  20. What person thought alah talked to him through angel Gabriel:
  21. What is a Kampongs?:
  22. What helped lead to downfall of sribijaya kingdom:
    Chola Kingdom devastating defeat: main trade route had shifted to the east directly out into the Indian Ocean
  23. Who founded Sikhism:
    guru Nanak
  24. Sikhism was an attempt to do what (Merged what two religions):
    Integrate the best of the two faiths (Muslims (best of Islam and Hindu’s) in a single religion
  25. Who wrote cloud messenger:
  26. What was hindu custom of wife burning:
    Lit herself on fire to die with her husband
  27. Who was most likely to convert to islam in indian society:
    To avoid paying taxes to Muslim rulers, lower class converted because of egalitarianism
  28. Who ruled powerful empire from Samarkand in mid 1300’s:
    Timur (Tamerlane)
  29. What was significant about delhi sultanate:
    Muslim influence spread but slowly New rival: Mongols led by Genghis Khan Tughluq dynasty (1320-1413)
  30. What 4 major things contritubted to decline of buddism in india
    • Buddhism undermined India’s social class system
    • Each person can seek Nirvana which undermined social class system of India (Bhaki devotion and karma) Rise of Hinduism
    • Denying the existence of the soul which ran over traditional Indian belief
  31. What allowed all classes of india to have possibility of improving ones karma through ritual:
  32. Where did theraveta buddism remain strong:
    Island of Sri Lanka
  33. What was belief of mahayana buddism:
    Theravada teachings were too demanding or too strict for ordinary people to follow and therefore favored the wealthy, who were more apt to have time and resources to spend weeks or months from their everyday occupations.
  34. Emphasis on original teachings of buddhas: group believed in orginal teachings of Buddha:
    Purists (Theravada)
  35. What came after emergence of Kushan kingdom as a major commercial power:
    Intermediator of Roman-China trade and rise of Buddhism
  36. The giant budda statues in afganistan were located at what former buddist center:
    Borobudur in central Java
  37. The first date in Islamic calender is associated with what (instead of AD, is what)
    AH (Hegira)
  38. What are 5 pillars of islam
    • Belief in Allah and Muhammad as his prophet
    • Prayer 5 times a day, public prayer on Friday at noon
    • Observance of Ramadan, fasting from dawn to sunset
    • Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)
    • Giving alms to the poor (Zakat)
  39. What is ramanana
    holy month of Islam: Fast from dawn to sunset, make pilgrimage to Mecca if possible, give alms to the poor
  40. Striving in way of the lord is translated as:
  41. At battle in 732 where Charles martel (hammer) defeated the arabs in southern france was?
    Battle of Tours
  42. 4 possible explanations of rapid expansion of arabs:
    • Prolonged drought on the Arabian peninsula
    • Desire of Islam’s leaders to channel the energies of their new converts
    • Planned by the ruling elites of Mecca to extend their trade routes and bring surplus-producing regions under their control
    • Administration was generally tolerant
  43. What contributed to desinegration of muslim empire under abbasids (4 things)
    • Lack of spiritual authority
    • Wealth led to financial corruption Life of luxury undermined social fiber (Sexual promiscuity, concubines, harems, divorce, homosexuality, alcohol)
    • Disintegration of armed forces and bureaucracy (Shortage of Arabs led to recruitment of Persians, Turks, Asians)
  44. abasids:
    Seljuk Turks
  45. The term al-andulas refers to where:
    Muslim Spain
  46. Who wrote medical encyclopedia that became basic European textbook:
    Ibn Sina (Avecinna)
  47. Major accomplishments of Justinian:
    • Hagia Sophia (Church of Holy Wisdom
    • Codification of Roman Law (basis of imperial law in the east until 1453, basis of European legal system)
  48. What battle did bisitine lose Syria and pallastine to muslims:
    yarmuk river after they defeated eastern romans
  49. Mesodonian emperors oversaw great missionary movement what was greatest accomplishment:
    Expansion of Byzantine Christians due to active missionary efforts (greatest success occurred when prince in Kiev in Russia converted to Christianity)
  50. Significance of bizintine empire:
    • Led to crusades
    • Used Greek fire, petroleum-based compound containing quicklime and sulfur destroyed muslim fleet saving the empire and indirectly Christian Europe
  51. What separates northern coast of Africa from rest of continent:
    Sahara as the great divide
  52. Where do archeologists believe agriculture first began in Africa:
  53. What 1st stimulated Kushite trade activity:
    Extensive luxury goods in numerous private tombs: commercial activity was being conducted by substantial merchant class (seems to have been widespread material prosperity)
  54. Who first carried goods across sahara desert from carthage:
  55. Who immigrated into east africa and was responsible for widespread cultivation of crops and iron market:
  56. Swahele culture is mixture of what:
    African-Arabian culture
  57. Before arrival of islam most early African beliefs included what:
    • Single creator god, sometimes accompanied by a pantheon of lesser gods.
    • Afterlife in which ancestral souls floated in atmosphere through eternity, closely connected to importance of ancestors and lineage,
    • Rituals very important
  58. What was 1st commercial state to appear in west Africa:
  59. 4 things true about arrival of islam in Africa
    Tolerant of other faiths Conversion by peaceful means Hindus converted to avoid taxes Lower classes converted because of egalitarianism
  60. 4 coastal settlements founded by arab and persion immigrants in east Africa
    • Mombasa
    • Pemba
    • Zanzibar
    • Kilwa
  61. 1st commercial state to appear in west Africa was:
  62. Significant about expansion of islam in west Africa (Major event):
    Gave local rulers new tools that help increase efficiency of their governments
  63. Considered basic building block of African society:
    Lineage groups
  64. Brought wealth to Kushan kingdom:
    Kanishka (Buddhists & Taxila and Varansi
  65. Who was greatest Kushan ruler:
  66. gained control of india import islam:
  67. Kingdom of whom borrowed great deal of culture from Egypt:
  68. Spiritual beliefs and practices of preislamic arabs (4 major things):
    • polytheistic,
    • spirits inhabit objects of the natural world,
    • shrine in Mecca Ka’aba,
    • faith was communal and involved all members of the tribe
  69. After someone death name of Islamic law code growing up:
  70. Match trades with area:
    South Asia
    East Africa
    • Sp: leather goods, olives, wine
    • SA: cotton wheat
    • EA: ivory, gold
    • Ch: silk, porcelain
  71. 4 things significant about Africa:
    • First hominids,
    • one of the first states appeared here,
    • Domesticated animals first here, and
    • ancestor of modern man homo sapiens appeared here
  72. Coptic Christianity is associated with what state or empire
  73. 4 things Ghanian kings did
    • dominate the gold trade,
    • rule by divine right,
    • maintain security, and
    • mediate disputes
  74. Helped provide wealth of zimbablian leaders:
    King levy taxes on gold
  75. What 4 statements are true about African music
    • Served a religious function
    • Heavy rhythmic beat, dances were a means of communicating with spirits
    • Frenzied movements were intended to represent spirits acting through humans
    • Strong rhythmic pattern Integration of voice and instruments to tell a story “Talking drum”
    • Choral music and individual used in pattern of repetition and variation called call and response
    • Primary means of transmitting folk legends and religions from generation to generation
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