Anatomy Test 3 (10)

  1. what happens when myoblast fuse with each other?
    a muscle fiber is formed
  2. Importance of lactic acid?
    Lactic acid builds up in skeletal muscle because there isn't enough oxygen to break down fully
  3. Importance of effort and load applied to a muscle
    Effort is what is takes to overcome the load on a muscle. The load is the resistance of a muscle.
  4. Importance of calcium ions in smooth muscle?
    Calcium in smooth muscle maintains pressure allowing for involuntary movement.
  5. How the calcium that's released triggers the skeletal muscle contraction?
    once actin sites are free, the contraction cycle begins
  6. a characteristic of all muscle and nerve cells
    refractory period
  7. List the sequence of structure that action potentials must move through to excite skeletal muscle contraction
    ATP hydrolysis, attachment of myosin to actin to form cross bridges, power stroke, detachment of myosin from actin
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