Socialogy 7

  1. Overview
    • Deviance
    • Types of Crime
    • Social Control
    • The Criminal Justice System
    • Theories of Deviance
  2. Killing/ Murder
    • Killing is an act. Murder is a crime.
    • Executing a convicted murderer is not a crime
  3. Themes
    • Deviance is Relative
    • Deviance is Socially constructed
    • How do we exercise social control?
    • How do we decide when an act is deviant?
    • Who decides what is a crime and how it should be punished?
  4. Deviance
    • Deviance is behavior violating the norms or standards of a group, society, or one's peers.
    • Deviance varies
    • By culture
    • Over time
    • With the situation
  5. Deviance varies by culture
  6. dxeviance varies over time
    • Smoking:banned in 14 states in the early 1900s, Regarded positively in the 1950s when those laws were rescinded, Now smoking is once again banned in many circumstances
    • homosexuality:once considered a mental disorder,Now a lifestyle choice, no longer considered a mental disorder by psychological and psychiatric associations
    • Sex outside of marriage:considered deviant in the first half of the 20th century,1960s sexual revolution changed that view,AIDs scare since the 1980s once again discouraged it, Now more common than ever
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