Anatomy Test 3 (8)

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  1. increases heart rate, helps support exercise or emergency actions, the "flight or fight' response
    sympathetic division (Motor part of ANS)
  2. slows down heart rate, takes care of "rest and digest" activities
    parasympathetic division (Motor part of ANS)
  3. Neuronal cell bodies also contain free ribosomes  and prominent clusters of rough endoplasmic reticulum
    nissl body
  4. function of nissl body
    synthesizes proteins (site of protein synthesizes)
  5. Is a general term for any neuronal process (extension) that emerges from the cell body of neuron.
    Nerve fiber
  6. what a nerve fiber describes
    neuronal processes (extension)
  7. Have one main dendrite and one axon. They are found in the retina of the eye, the inner ear and the olfactory of the brain
    bipolar neuron
  8. Usually have several dendrites and one axon. Most neurons in the brain and spinal cord are of this type, as well as all motor neurons
    Multipolar neuron
  9. Have dendrites and one axon that are fused together to form a continuous process that emerges from the cell body
    Unipolar neurons
  10. Where are purkinje cells found
  11. When does the schwann cells begin to wrap around the nerve fiber to insulate it.
    During fetal development
  12. Myelinates a single axon
    Schwann cell
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