Child Abuse

  1. Neglect/maltreatment
    • Failure to provide basic life necessities – food, clothing, shelter
    • Failure to provide adequate supervision such that a child is endangered
    • Abandonment or desertion of a child
    • An act of exploitation, e.g. requiring a child to be involved in criminal activity
    • Emotional neglect = failure to provide the emotional nurturing physical and cognitive stimulation needed to prevent serious developmental deficits.
  2. Sexual Abuse
    • exposing oneself to a child
    • exposing a child’s genitals
    • fondling
    • sexual harassment
    • permitting or encouraging a child to watch pornography or sexual activities“Sexting”
  3. Mental injury or emotional maltreatment
    • regression
    • withdrawn
    • self-mutilation
    • fear
  4. threat of harm
    • Child living with convicted sex offender
    • Homes with serious domestic violence
    • Siblings of children seriously injured or killed by abuse/neglect
    • Permitting child to enter or remain in place where meth is being manufactured
  5. Mandatory reporting
    • Child abuse is a HIPPA exception, report as much as you can as soon as possible to child protective services, law enforcement. 
    • Failure to report can lead to fines up to 2k
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