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  1. Sites of rapid cell division in the shoot tips, root tips, and cambium are called__-
  2. Meristems located at the end of the shoots are called primary, or ___ meristems
  3. The tendency for terminal buds to inhibit the growth of lateral buds is called_____
  4. The food factories of trees are
  5. This process combines carbon dioxide and water in a reaction driven by light to produce sugars. ____is also a part of this reaction
  6. the green color of leaves is created by the presence of ____ which is necessary for photosynthesis to take place.
  7. the loss of water vapor from leaves
  8. the opening and closing of __ allow for gas exchange and transpiration is controlled by the
  9. water and dissolved essential minerals are transported within the tree in the ___. the ___ conducts carbohydrates
  10. the __ is a layer of meristematic cells located between the phloem and the xylem.
  11. the ___ is formed when trunk tissue grows around branch tissues. As the branch and trunk tissuews expand against each other in the branch union, the ___ is formedl.
  12. this protects the branches and trunk of a tree from mechanical injury
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