SPEA-H 120 Final

  1. Income Inequality
  2. Consumer Culture
  3. Extrinsic and Intrinsic Satisfiers
  4. Locus of Control
    how much control you feel you have over your day-to-day activities; causes stress; leads to feelings of helplessness
  5. Impact of Chronic Stress on Health
    CORTESOL LEVEL; leads to stroke, impacts arteries, heart disease
  6. Impact of Social Support on Health
    the stronger your social ties the healthier you are; a lot of social support in hispanic populations
  7. Reverse Slope (in healthcare)
    the lower the income the greater the health problems
  8. Excess Death
    there is a natural death rate expected; excess death is the number that is greater than the normal expected amount
  9. Primary Users of Healthcare System
    women until 55-60 years, then men use more
  10. African American - Primary Heath Issues and Theoretical Real Causes
    heart disease, low birth weight babies, high blood pressure, diabetes; caused by discrimination; certain degree of lack of control of their lives
  11. Hispanics -
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