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  1. hasta de alto, de lejos de tanto
  2. up to
    The east coast is hotter and wetter, with up to 4000mm of rainfall per year
  3. desperfectos, daños
    damage  [ˈdæmɪdʒ]

    these can cause a lot of damage
  4. evita visitar
    Avoid visiting eastern Madagascar between January and March because the weather can make road travel very difficult.
  5. mas fria
    The dry season is cooler and more pleasant.ˈkuːləʳ/
  6. mas seca y fria
    he high, central part of the country is much drier and cooler.
  7. temporal tormenta

    with some thunderstorms, but the summer is usually sunny and dry,
  8. por encima de 
    encima de
    • it may snow in mountain areas above 2,400m, and even stay there for several days.
    • /əˈbʌv/
  9. la mas seca

    The west coast is the driest part of the island. Here, the winter months are pleasant with little rain, cooler temperatures and blue skies. The summers can be extremely hot, especially in the southwest. This part of the country is semi-desert, and only gets around 300mm of rain per year.
  10. a primera vista,
    At first glance,

  11. atraer llamar la atención

    there is little in Horton to attract people. The other nearby towns have much more to offer:
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