ASLS 6th Grade Chapters 4,5, and 6 flashcards

  1. What were the four problems the Ancient Mesopotamians faced ?
    They faced food shortages in the hills , uncontrolled water supply in the River Valley , difficulties in build and maintaining a complex irrigation system , and Attacks from neighboring communities .
  2. What is an irrigation system ?
    An irrigation system is the means of supplying land with water .
  3. Who were the Sumerians ?
    The Sumerians were ancient people who lived in the geographic region of Sumer.
  4. What is a levee ?
    A levee is a wall of earth built to prevent a river from flooding its banks .
  5. What is the modern name for Mesopotamia ?
  6. What is a culture ?
    A culture is a characteristic of civilization that includes the beliefs and behaviors of a society or group of people .
  7. What are the 7 different characteristics of civilization ?
    A stable food supply , social structure , government , religion , the arts , technology , and language .
  8. What is a social structure ?
    A social structure is the way a civilization is organized .
  9. What is technology ?
    Technology is the use of tools and other inventions for practical purposes .
  10. What is status ?
    Status is different levels of importance .
  11. What is a chariot ?
    A chariot is a two-wheeled vehicle pulled by a horse .
  12. What is a scribe ?
    A scribe is a person who writes laws stories ect .
  13. What is a ziggurat ?
    A ziggurat is an ancient Mesopotamia temple tower .
  14. What is an arch ?
    An arch is an upside down U or V shaped structure that supports weight above it as in a doorway .
  15. What is a cuneiform ?
    A cuneiform is writing that uses wedge-shaped characters .
  16. What is a pictograph ?
    A pictograph is a symbol that stands for an object .
  17. What are the four Empires from Mesopotamia ?
    Akkadian , Babylonian , Assyrian , and Neo - Babylonian .
  18. What is a capital ?
    A capital is a city that is the center of government .
  19. Who was the king of the Akkadian Empire ?
    King Sargon
  20. Who was the king of the Babylonian Empire ?
    King Hammurabi
  21. What is a siege ?
    A siege is a military blockade and attack on a city to force it to surrender .
  22. What is an aqueduct ?
    An aqueduct is a pipe or channel that brings water from distant places .
  23. What is astronomy ?
    Astronomy is the study of starsĀ and planets .
  24. Who was the king of the Neo- Babylonian Empire ?
    King Nebuchadrezzer
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