Diversity of Animals

  1. When did invertebrate first appear in the fossil record, and what was this called?
    • 530mya
    • Cambrian Explosion
  2. What does the Cambrian Explosion refer to?
    The sudden appearance of a multitude of animals
  3. Explanation for Cambrian Explosion (3)
    • Escalating predator-prey relationships
    • Increased atmospheric oxygen
    • Genetic changes- in developmental genes
  4. How did the escalating predator-prey relationships come about?
    Animals evolved locomotion and active predation, so others had to evolve defenses to avoid being consumed
  5. How does an increase in atmospheric oxygen effect animals?
    Animals have a higher metabolic rate and grow larger
  6. What genetic changes occurred during the Cambrian Explosion?
    • Hox genes
    • Facilitated new body forms
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Diversity of Animals
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