Plural form of Nouns

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  1. Masculine ending in -o
    • -i
    • ragazzo -> ragazzi

  2. Feminine ending in -a
    • -e
    • donna -> donne
  3. Nouns ending in -e
    • -i
    • ristorante -> ristoranti

  4. When referring to an all-male group or mixed group of males and females
    • use masculine plural form
    • -gli
  5. To form plural nouns ending in -co, -ca, -go, -ga
    • Add an to maintain the hard c or g sound. (exception amico -> amici)
    • amica -> amiche
    • albergo -> alberghi
  6. Shortened nouns, nouns ending in a consonant or accented vowel
    • Do not change form from singular to plural
    • una foto -> due foto
    • un autobus -> due autobus
    • un caffè -> due caffè
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