Life Processes

  1. Metabolism
    sum of all chemical reactions that occur in the body

    (2 types)
  2. What are the 2 types of metabolism?
    • catabolism
    • anabolism
  3. Catabolism
    breaking down molecules to release energy needed to sustain life
  4. Anabolism
    forming larger molecule utilizing the energy from catabolic reactions
  5. Responsiveness
    ability to detect and respond to changes outside/inside the body
  6. Movement
    • includes:
    • motion of whole body
    • individual organs
    • single cells
    • structures within cells
  7. Growth
    • includes:
    • increase in size of existing cells
    • number of cells
    • amount of substances surrounding cells
  8. Differentiation
    process in which unspecialized cells become specialized cells
  9. Reproduction
    • formation of new cells for growth, repair, or replacement
    • or
    • production of a new individual
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