Levels of Structural Organization

  1. What are the levels of structural organization?
    • chemical
    • cellular
    • tissue
    • organ
    • system
    • organism
  2. Chemical Level
    substances needed to maintain life
  3. What does the chemical level include?
    atoms and molecules
  4. Atoms
    smallest units of matter

    (ex: carbon, oxygen)
  5. Molecules
    two or more atoms joined together
  6. Cellular Level
    basic structure and functional living units of an organism

  7. Organelles
    "organs" of a cell designed to do specific tasks
  8. Tissue Level
    group of similar cells that perform specialized functions

    (4 types)
  9. What are the four basic types of tissue?
    • epithelial
    • muscle
    • connective
    • nervous
  10. Organ Level
    structures that are composed of 2 or more different tissues with specific functions
  11. System Level
    consists of related organs with a common function
  12. Organism Level
    all systems working together to form one living person
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