World War I Test3 2020

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  1. - Arms race in Europe - Britain, France, Germany, Russia, build weapons of mass destruction

    - Historical hatred and suspicion divide Europe onto two armed camps
    *Central powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Turkish Empire
    *Allied powers: Great Britain, France, Russia
    Cause of World War I
  2. Industrialization and technologyVast colonial empires
    All Western countries democratic
    Medical science—vaccines
    Air flight, automobiles, radio, Telephone
    1871-1914 An Age of Progress for Europe
  3. Domestic politics begins to influence/dictate domestic and foreign policy
    Middle classes embrace liberalism, nationalism
    Working classes (by far the largest) embrace socialism
    Impact on Masses of New Ideologies
  4. Britain (Hanoverians/Windsors)
    France (a republic)
    Germany (Hohenzollerns)
    Austria-Hungary (Hapsburgs)
    Russia (Romanovs)
    The Great Powers
  5. German unification in 1871 upset balance of power in Europe

    Germany—conservative, authoritarian, militaristic Prussian monarchy

    Bismarck’s system of alliances to isolate France
    *1879 alliance with Austria
    *1882 alliance with Italy
    *1887 treaty with Russia
    International Diplomacy 1871-1914
  6. Russia wanted access to the Bosporus and Dardenelles, a warm water port

    Russia and the pan-Slavic movement

    Austria wanted to expand into the Balkans to squelch Serbian expansion
    Russian-Austrian Rivalry in Balkans
  7. 1890 Dismisses Bismarck as Chancellor, assumes control of foreign policy

    English mother, Queen Victory his grandmother

    First cousin of Czar Nicholas of Russia

    Young and arrogant
    1890 Kaiser Wilhelm II Becomes German Emperor
  8. Weltpolitik “world policy”

    Not clearly defined—Germany’s desire to play a role equal with other great powers, domination of European mainland

    Global view, aggressive, aggressive foreign policy, establish coloniesMassive naval buildup worries Britain

    Berlin to Baghdad railroad

    Grew partly out of Social Darwinism
    Kaiser Wilhelm II’s Foreign Policy
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