Subdivisions of Anatomy

  1. What is Anatomy?
    study of structure and the relationships among structures
  2. What are the subdivisions of Anatomy?
    • surface anatomy
    • gross anatomy
    • systemic anatomy
    • developmental anatomy
    • embryology
    • histology
    • cytology
    • pathological anatomy
  3. What is Surface Anatomy?
    study of the form and markings of the body surface
  4. What is Gross Anatomy?
    study of structure without using a microscope
  5. What is Systemic Anatomy?
    study of specific systems of the body
  6. What is Developmental Anatomy?
    study of development from fertilized egg to adult
  7. What is Embryology?
    study of development of fertilized egg to week 8
  8. What is Histology
    microscopic study of tissue structure
  9. What is Cytology?
    chemical and microscopic study of cell structure
  10. What is Pathological Anatomy?
    study of structural changes associated with disease
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