analyze the brain & neural functoin

  1. Phineas Gage
    • was calm until an injury severed the conection betewen his limbic system and frontal cortex then he became very hostile
    • proved there is a connection between the frontal lobes and emotional behavior
  2. Paul Broca
    performed autopsy on TAN (man who can only say tan)
  3. where is brocas area
    • left frontal lobe in left central hempishphere
    • (only in left hempisphere)
  4. where does language exist in the brain
    left hempisphere
  5. what is losing the ability to speak known as
    expressive aphasia
  6. wernike
    discoverd damage to the left temporal lobe caused language problems
  7. what does destruction to wernikes area cause
    • receptive aphasia
    • loss of ability to comprhend written and spoken language
  8. left hemisphere specializes in
    • logical lefty
    • verbal, mathematical, and analytical functions
  9. right hemisphere specializes in
    • nonverbal¬†
    • spatial,musical, and holistic ( identifying facs and emotions for comunication purposes before verbal communication)
  10. lesioning
    • cutting
    • precise destruction of brain tissue
  11. ablation
    cutting of neural connections ( corpus callosum) helps with epilepsy
  12. corpus callosum
    neural connections
  13. CAT Scan
    • shows info as 2d
    • good for showing bone structures, brain injuries, and inner ear
  14. MRI
    • magnetic resonanc imaging
    • more detailed then CAT scan
  15. lesions
  16. measuring brain functions
    • EEG
    • PET
    • fMRI
  17. EEG
    • electrode atteched to head
    • brain waves
  18. PET
    • Brain activity when ytracer is put into body¬†
    • detects tumors, strokes, neuron damaging dseases
  19. fMRI
    PET is better to identify brain receptors with specific neurotransmitters
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