Key Terms

  1. includes variety of mail templates that you choose to create a documents.
    Mail Merge Tab
  2. file type is used to save a file so that you can replicate the formatting specifications of a document to other Word documents
    Document Template
  3. contain basic structure of document and enable you to use document settings, such as fonts, menu styles, in other documents
  4. Preview feature that allows you to preview a document before it is printed
    Print Preview
  5. file type to save a Word document as a Web page that opens in a Web browser
    Web Page
  6. create a document in word(i.e.)blank doc, and eXtensible markup language(xml)document, web page or e-mail
    General tab
  7. tab allows you to use templates & wizards to create letters and faxes
    Letters & Faxes
  8. you can create reports in different styles such as contemporary, professional or elegant.
  9. tab enables you to create memos
  10. provides additional search options to help refine search
  11. allows you to select an object that you want to navigate to in a document.
    Select Browser Object
  12. allows you to quickly insert text, graphics & tables in a break area of your document
    Click and Type pointer
  13. table options to insert symbols & special characters into your document.
    Symbols and Special Characters
  14. enable you to copy or move text & graphics within a document, between two documents in the same application or between separate Microsoft Office
  15. tab that allows you to create agendas or resumes
    Other documents
  16. a set of characters with a specific design & Tab enables you to apply a type of font style to selected text
  17. Increase or decrease the space between characters of a selected text
  18. Apply different colors to selected text
    Font color
  19. allows you to underlined text, specify style & remove underlining
    Underline style
  20. font tab enables you to apply effects to selected text
  21. Stretch or compress text, vertically or horizontally
  22. Increase or decrease the space between characters of a selected text
  23. Option adjusts the spacing between particular characters pairs depending on the font design
    Kerning for fonts
  24. option allows you to control the level to which characters are raised or lowered from the baseline
  25. style that deals with the appearance of a paragraph and specifies text alignment, tab, stops, and borders for example
Card Set
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