OT Places

  1. Babel
    • after the flood instead of spreading out the people stayed at Babel and built a tower
    • God confused their language
  2. Bethel
    where Jacob dwelt
  3. Canaan
    originally a person settled in what became the promised land
  4. Damascus
    • in modern day west bank
    • Eliezer from there
  5. Dothan
    place where Joseph was sold to Midianite traders
  6. Eden
    Garden where Adam and Eve where before fall it wsa perfect there
  7. Edom
    • the land of Seir
    • where Esau settled his family
  8. Eygpt
    • plays a role in various places in Genesis
    • most prominently Joseph and his brother during the drought
  9. Gilead
    place where Jacob initially intended to settle after leaving Laban
  10. Goshen
    area of Eygpt that Israel settled in upon arrival in Eygpt
  11. Gomorrah
    in the Jordan Valley one of the cities destroyed by God
  12. Haran
    place where Laban lived and where Isaac and Jacob went to find wives
  13. Hebron
    • oaks of Mamre
    • Abraham settle there
  14. Jabbok
    river near where Jacob wrestled with God
  15. Machpelah
    cave located in Canaan that Abraham purchased from Ephron the Hittite for a burial place
  16. Midian
    area settled by descendents of Midian son of Abraham
  17. Moab
    area E of Dead Sea where moabites (offspring of Lot and his 1st daughter) settled
  18. Mt. Moriah
    where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac
  19. Nile
    River in Eygpt that supported Eygpt
  20. Peniel
    where Jacob wrestled with God
  21. Phillistia
    south part promised land south of Canaan
  22. Salem
    where King Melchizedek was from west of the Dead Sea
  23. Schechem
    city where oaks of Moreh were in land of Canaan
  24. Sodom
    Lot's hometown destroyed by God with fire in valley of Jordan
  25. Ur
    where Abram lived before he went to Canaan (in Babylonia near Persian Gulf)
  26. Zoar
    • also known as Bela
    • where Lot fled after he left Sodom
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