Wound Healing & Asepsis

  1. What is asepsis?
    w/o disease or disease causing contaminants
  2. What do bandages do for an wound?
    • keep covered and aseptic
    • can help with pain
  3. What are the seven factors of an animal that can affect a wound?
    • 1) nutrition
    • 2) Obesity
    • 3) Immunology status
    • 4) blood supply
    • 5) Age
    • 6) Infection
    • 7) Movement and Toxin
  4. What are the three phases of healing?
    • Inflammatory 
    • Repair
    • Remodelling
  5. How does obesity effect would healing?
    • Body has poor nutrition
    • poor peripheral circulation (fat layer)
    • Increase susceptibility to infection
    • Hard to get blood to stretched skin
  6. How does Immunology status effect would healing?
    • Impaired Immune system effects healing
    • Allows microorganisms to grow
  7. How does Blood supple effect would healing?
    good arterial blood flow and veinous drainage is necessary for healing
  8. How does Age effect would healing?
    • Older generally have a decrease capacity for wound healing
    • will take longer
  9. What does white edges on a wound mean?
    Lack of blood supply
  10. What does pink edges on a wound mean?
    intermediate blood supply
  11. What does blue edges on a wound mean?
    • capillaries are enlarged with blog ready to heal
    • (BEST)
  12. How does infection effect would healing?
    • damage to healing tissue
    • prolong healing time
  13. When is it considered that a wound is infected?
    When microbial multiply and cause damage
  14. How does Movement effect would healing?
    If edges of a wound rub against each other and are not stabilized the edges can not properly heal
  15. When is the inflammatory phase begin?
    immediately after blood loss
  16. What is the first thing the body does when responding to a wound? (in inflammatory phase)
    sends platelets to plug holes and temporarily constrict vessels to slow blood loss
  17. why is vasodilatation a good thing?
    causes swelling which brings antibodies and fibrin
  18. What is Fribrin?
    A protein involved in the clotting of blood
  19. What do microphage do during the inflammatory phase?
    disperse in the wound and begin to clean up by engulfing small bits of dead tissue.
  20. What is microphage?
    white blood cells that engulf and digest cellular debris
  21. Four signs of the inflammatory phase?
    • Pain
    • Heat
    • Swelling
    • Redness
  22. When does the Repair phase usually begin?
    4-6 days post injury
  23. What is the main thing that begins to be produced during the repair phase?
  24. What is collagen?
    • main component of replacement tissue (a connective tissue) 
    • what forms the "scar"
  25. WHat are capillaries doing in the repair phase?
    they begin to "bud" to grow back intro the damage area
  26. What forms granulation tissue? Which phase in healing is this being done?
    Fibroblasts and capillaries, and during the repair phase
  27. What does granulation tissue do for the healing process?
    forms a base  for all regrowth to begin
  28. What happens once granulation tissue fills the wound in the repair phase?
    epithelial cells on the surface proliferate and begin to cover it
  29. What is proud Flesh?
    • excess granulation tissue that protrudes up and over the wound edges
    • Looks like hamburger
  30. Why is proud flesh bad?
    delays healing as it blocks wound contraction and epithelial regeneration
  31. What occurs when skin edges that were separated begin to grow and close together? What phase is this happening in?
    • Wound contraction 
    • repair phase
  32. Why is loose skin nice to have for wounds?
    allows for easier contraction of edge wounds
  33. What are three signs of the repair phase?
    • Granulation Tissue
    • Proud flesh
    • wound contraction
  34. What phase stars roughly 28 days after injury?
    The remodeling phase
  35. When does max strength of a wound occur?
    10-12 weeks post injury
  36. How long can the remodeling phase take?
  37. Is a scar weaker then the original tissue?
  38. What happens by day 60 of injury healing?
    all collagen fibers have been produced and are realigned
  39. What are three signs of the repair phase?
    • normal skin reappears 
    • size of wound significantly decreases 
    • hair begins to grow
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