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  1. Horace Allen cured his blindness
    Syngman Rhee
  2. Syngman Rhee was cured of blindness by him
    Horace Allen
  3. He was assassinated by the Iron Wolves Legion of St. Michael
    Ion Duca
  4. The subgroup of a group that assassinated Ion Duca
    Legion of St. Michael
  5. Patron Saint of Police Officers
    St. Michael
  6. What is St. Michael the patron saint of
    Police Officers
  7. It was launched by the Yellow Creek Massacre
    Lord Dunmore's War
  8. Pike Creek Massacre occurred during it
    Lord Dunmore's War
  9. Battle of Point Pleasant occurred during it
    Lord Dunmore's War
  10. Event that set off Lord Dunmore's War
    Yellow Creek Massacre
  11. Main battle of Lord Dunmore's War
    Battle of Point Pleasant
  12. Massacre's during Lord Dunmore's War
    Yellow Creek, Pike Creek
  13. He was converted by Hayaski Razan
  14. Tokugawa was made confucian by him
    Hayashi Razan
  15. He was assisted by Ishikawa Kazumasa
  16. Assistant of Tokugawa that defected to Toyatoma
    Ishikawa Kazumasa
  17. Victor and loser at the Battles of Komaki and Nagakute
    V- Tokugawa L- Toyatoma
  18. Battle that saw Tokugawa hop from castle to castle to avoid Toyatomi
    Battle of Komaki and Nagakute
  19. Appius Claudius Caecus held this position
  20. Name of the Censor that built the Appian Way
    Appius Claudius Caecus
  21. Thing constructed by Appius Claudius Caecus
    Appian Way
  22. Appian Way constructed by
    Appius Claudius Caecus
  23. His capture was possible due to viewing him giving flowers on his 50th anniv
  24. Eichman's capture was possible due to seeing this action
    Eichman giving flowers for his 50th aniv
  25. This man defeated the Hojo clan
  26. Clan that was defeated by Tokugawa
    Hojo clan
  27. He was "Commander of the eastern army"
  28. Tokugawa held this title other than shogun
    Commander of the Eastern Army
  29. The law of Burgos established this system
  30. The Encomienda was established by this law
    Law of Burgos
  31. Tippu Tip was from this place
  32. His name refers to how he had a stutter
    Tippu Tip
  33. Tippu Tip was nicknamed for having this
    a stutter
  34. His son fought the Belgians in the Congo Arab War
    Tippu Tip
  35. He issued the Blind memorandum in case he lost an election
    Abraham Lincoln
  36. Abraham Lincoln issued this to prevent people from giving up his secrets
    Blind Memorandum
  37. The Blind Memorandum was issued during this election
    Election of 1864
  38. Miscegenation played a role in this election
    Election of 1864
  39. Lincoln's postmaster general
    Montgomery Blair
  40. Montgomery Blair was his postmaster
    Abraham Lincoln
  41. His resignation influenced the 1864 election
    Montgomery Blair
  42. Montgomery Blair resigned during this election
    Election of 1864
  43. This rebellion was launched by a "mass fondling"
    Sicillian Vespers
  44. Weird event that launched the Sicillian Vespers
    Mass fondling
  45. This French king didn't go to war with Edward IV
    Louis XI
  46. Louis XI paid to not go to war with him
    Louis XI
  47. Peters Farm was a location at this battle
    Battle of Petersburg
  48. Deep Bottom was a location at this battle
    Battle of Petersburg
  49. Locations at the Battle of Petersburg
    Deep Bottom and Peters Farm
  50. The Northcote–Trevelyan Report discussed this thing
    Chinese Civil Service Exam
  51. The Chinese Civil Service Exam was partially instituted in Britain by this work
    Northcote–Trevelyan Report
  52. Name of the man who negotiated treaty of kujuk kanarhi for the Ottomans
  53. Ypsilantis negotiated this treaty for the Ottomans
    Treaty of kujuk kanarji
  54. This body was set up like the Sanheedrin
    Long Parliament
  55. The long parliament was set up to resemble this institution
  56. The Night of the Beatings partially set off this war
    1947 Israel
  57. The Sergeant's affair partially set it off
    1947 Israel War
  58. Man who defected from the utraquists and invaded saxony
    Andrew Procpius
  59. Council of Sienna was done under what Pope
    Martin V
  60. Martin V presided over this council
    Council of Sienna
  61. He launched the Fort Mims massacre
    William Weatherford
  62. William Weatherford's nickname and attack he launched
    Red Eagle, Fort Mims Massacre
  63. This man feuded with justice Hugo Black
    Robert Jackson
  64. Robert Jackson feuded with this jusice
    Hugo Black
  65. Case that saw Jackson divide presidential authority into three parts
    Youngstown Sheet and Tube
  66. Cecil Morgan tried to get rid of him
    Huey Long
  67. Huey Long was almsot removed by this man
    Cecil Morgan
  68. Name of a group that opposed Huey Long
    Dynamite Squad
  69. The Dynamite Squad opposed him
    Huey Long
  70. Ordinances of Justice affected this city
  71. This act prevented ghibellines from achieving high office
    Ordinances of Justice
  72. His campaign slogan was "change is now"
    François Hollande
  73. Francois Hollande's election moto
    Change is Now
  74. Austrian representative at Congress of Berlin
    Julius Andrassi
  75. Julius Andrassi partook in this event
    Congress of Berlin
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