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  1. During the destuction of the city of Jericho, I stole a gold bar, 200 silver shekels, & a fine garment. I hid them them under my tent. As a result, I brought death on my family. Who am I?
    A'chan (Joshua 7:20- 26)
  2. How many people were sent to spy out the land of Jericho?
    2 (Joshua 2:1)
  3. Who hided the two spies sent out by Joshua?
    Rahab the prostitute (Joshua 2:1)
  4. Where did Rahab hide the two Israelite spies sent to spy out the land?
    On the roof, among flax stalks laid in rows on the roof! (Joshua 2:6)
  5. As agreed by Rahab & the two spies, what was the three things she was to do, to perserve her family through the destruction brought by Jehovah?
    • 1) gather all her family into her house
    • 2) hang a scarlet cord from the window the spies escaped from
    • 3) remain silent concerning there visit
  6. When going to conquer the land of Ca'naan to take position of the promise land. How did the nation of Israel cross the Jordan River?
    Jehovah miraculously dammed it up! Making it possible for the entire nation to cross on dry land. (Joshua 3:14- 17)
  7. While crossing the Jordan River, how memorials did Jehovah command to be set up?
    2; one in the middle of the Jordan River while the priest were holding the ark & one at Gil'gal just outside of Jericho (Joshua 4:1- 7)
  8. What did the memorial Jehovah had Israel set up in Gil'gal serve to remind them of?
    it reminded of how Jehovah dammed up the waters of the Jordan to let Israel cross on dry land (Joshua 4:6, 7)
  9. Gil'gal, served as Israel's base camp, when they came to the west of the Jordan to conquer the promise land & drive out the Ca'naanites. Why was this place named "Gil'gal?"
    Because Jehovah had the Israel's circumcised a second time. Removing from Israel the reproach of Egypt from them. (Joshua 5:2- 7)
  10. When did Jehovah stop producing manna for the Israelites?
    When in Gil'gal, after the passover, once HE "Jehovah" allowed Israel to finally eat the produce of the land. The next day, there was no more manna (Joshua 5:10- 12) Abib 15, 1473 BCE
  11. Why can we conclude, that: "Great must have been the fear of Jericho's king had for Israel?"
    They were very awhere of the nation of Israel's actions. And yet, When Jehovah order the Israelites to get circumcised a second time, they did attack...
  12. Who am I? I am the son of a cheiftian of Judah. I was born during the 40 year wilderness trek. I am the husband of Rahab & father of Bo'az. Who am I?
    Sal'mon (Ruth 4:20- 22)
  13. Why did Jehovah command Joshua & High Priest Eleazar to circumcise the men of Israel again, a second time at Gil'gal?
    because there had been no circumcision performed during Israel's wilderness journey [All Scripture; pg. 43; Contents of Joshua pp. 9] (Joshua 5:4- 9)
  14. What does Gil'gal mean? Why was Gil'gal given it's name?
    • Rolling; Rolling Away 
    • because Jehovah "Rolled Away" reproach from Israel when He performed a second circumcision
  15. Why can we conclude that; "Great must have been the fear of Jericho's king, of Israel at Gil'gal?
    Great must have been the fear of Jericho’s king and its inhabitants as they heard about or witnessed the miraculous damming up of the flooding Jordan, enabling the Israelites to cross on dry ground. Afterward, although the Israelite males underwent circumcision and had to recover from its effects before being in a good position to defend themselves, no one dared to attack them at Gilgal. Unmolested, the Israelites also observed the Passover on the desert plain of Jericho. [INSIGHT- pp.35; firstfriuts of Israel's Conquest pp. 2]
  16. Who outlined the procedure for destroying Jericho?
    the prince of Jehovah's Army [INSIGHT- pp. 35; firstfriuts of Israel's Conquest pp. 2] (Joshua 5:1- 10)
  17. What did Jehovah command Israel to do to destroy Jericho?
    • 1) march around the city once a day, for 6 days
    • 2) get in battle formation: with military troops, the ark of the covenant, rear guard, & priest with ram's horns
    • 3) Don't speak a word
    • 4) Day 7 march around 7 times, when the ram's horn sounds, shout a war cry & the walls of Jericho will fall & then take the city
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