psychology chapter 5: memory

  1. what are the three stages for processing memory?
    • encoding
    • storage
    • retrieval
  2. how is memory processed to permanent memory?
    stimulus is processed as sensory memory which is then modified as working memory. Afterwards working memory processes sensory memory as permanent memory.
  3. What is the duration of working memory and what is the storage capacity?
    • 20-30 seconds
    • 7 +/- 2 chunks
  4. what are the 5 types of sensory memory
    • iconic - visual
    • echoic - auditory
    • tactile - touch
    • olfactory - smell
    • gustatory - taste
  5. what sense is iconic memory connected to?
  6. what sense is echoic memory connected to?
  7. what sense is tactile memory connected to?
  8. what sense is olfactory memory connected to?
  9. what sense is gustatory memory connected to?
  10. What are the two types of long term memory?
    • procedural memory
    • declarative memory
  11. Describe declarative memory and the two types of declarative memory?
    • semantic memory: includes memory for language, facts, general knowledge and concepts. Basically book smart memory
    • episodic memory: includes memory for events and personal experiences
  12. Procedural memory
    includes memory for knowing how to do things such as motor skills, operant conditioning and classical conditioning
  13. What are schemas?
    schemas are clusters of knowledge in semantic memory that give us context for understanding events
  14. what is anterograde amnesia
    anterograde amnesia is the inability to form new memories. A person recall old memory.
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