Troy's authentic Glossary Terms Chapter 10

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  1. Electricity
    • Electricity is a form of energy resulting from the interaction of two charged particles, such as electrons or protons.
    • elec
  2. Static Charge
    • A static charge is an electric charge that stays on the surface of an object, instead of quickly flowing away.
    • staticdischarge
  3. Charging by Friction
    • Charging by Friction is the process of rubbing two different objects together, producing a net static on each object.
    • charge+by+friction
  4. Electrostatic Series
    • Electrostatic series is a list of objects based off their ability to hold onto electrons.
    • 009b
  5. Insulator
    • An insulator is an object that does not allow electrons to easily move between atoms.
    • Insulator_0449
  6. Conductor
    • A conductor is an object that does allow electrons to move easily between atoms.
    • copper%20conductor2
  7. Semiconductor
    • A semiconductor is an object that does not conduct as easily as a conductor.
    • semiconductor_k
  8. Ground
    • Ground is an object that can either take a lot of electrons from an object or supply a lot of electrons from an object, making the object neutral.
    • Ground_Symbol
  9. Electroscope
    • An electroscope is a device for detecting a nearby electric charge.
    • Gold_leaf_electroscope_homemade
  10. Charging by Contact
    • Charging by contact generates a charge on a neutral object through the contact of a charged object. There is no actual contact involved.
    • ballneutral%20hang%20rod
  11. Laws of Electric Charge
    • The laws of electric charge shows how two object interact electrically when one of or both of the objects are charged.
    • MSMS7-77.34165
  12. Electric Field
    • An electric field is a property of the space around a charged object, where the effect of it's charge is felt by other objects.
    • summer_sketcheskey4
  13. Induced Charge Separation
    • Induced charge separation is the movement of electrons within a substance, caused by the electric field of a charged object, without direct contact.
    • pithinduced3
  14. Ion
    • An ion is a individual or group of charged atom(s).
    • Sulfate-ion-3D-vdW
  15. Lightning Rod
    • A lightning rod is a metallic sphere or point, at the very top of a building that leads into the ground.
    • 5
  16. Electrostatic Precipitator
    • A electrostatic precipitator removes unwanted particles or liquid droplets from a flow of gas.
    • techrefs_overview_basicesp_lg
  17. Van De Graaff Generator
    • The Van De Graaff generator is a device that accumulates very large charges.
    • M077620P01WL
  18. Radiation Dosimeter
    • A radiation dosimeter is a small device that detects and measures the amount of exposure to radiation.
    • 91181_max
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