Science Chapter 3 Lesson

  1. The relationship between electricity and magnetism.  An electric current produces a magnetic field
  2. A coil of wire with a current.  By winding a wire with a current into many loops you strengthen the magnetic field in the center of the coil.
  3. A strong magnet that can be turned on and off.  It is a solenoid with a ferromagnetic core.
  4. The ability to move an object over a distance.
  5. The energy associated with electric currents.
    electrical energy
  6. The energy an object has due to its movement or position.
    mechanical energy
  7. A device that measures small currents.  It is based on the rotation of a wire loop in a magnetic field.

    B) galvanometer
  8. A device that uses an electric current to turn an axle.  It transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy.

    C) electric motor
  9. Generating an electric current from the motion of a conductor through a magnetic field.

    C) electromagnetic induction
  10. A current consisting of charges that flow in one direction only.

    B) direct current
  11. A current consisting of charges that move back and forth in a circuit.

    C) alternating current
  12. A device that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy.  It uses motion in a magnetic field to produce an electric current.

    D) electric generator
  13. A device that increases or decreases voltage.  It consists of two separate coils of insulated wire wrapped around an iron core.

    B) transformer
  14. A transformer that increases voltage.  The secondary coil has more loops than the primary coil.

    D) step-up transformer
  15. A transformer that decreases voltage.  The primary coil has more loops than the secondary coil.

    C) step-down transformer
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    D) hi
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Science Chapter 3 Lesson
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