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  1. is bone an organ?
  2. what are bone cells?
  3. trabeculae
    tiny bone plates which lend strengh and support within bones
  4. what is the spongy bone composed of?
  5. the relatively large spaces between the trabeculae is filled with what?
    red bone marrow
  6. hyaline cartilage
    • smooth, glassy
    • supports, shock, and reinforcement, cushioning
  7. where is hyaline cartilage found?
    articulating cartilage,(ends of long bones) joins, tip of the nose and trachea, costal cartilage (ribs and sternum)
  8. Image Upload 1
    hyaline cartilage
  9. where elastic cartilage found?
    outter ear and epiglottis
  10. fibrocartilage
    • contains chondrocytes and think collagen fibers for strength
    • ability to absorb compressive shock
  11. where is fibrocartilage found?
    • intervertebral disks
    • disc of knee joints
    • pubic symphysis
  12. the bone is a what tissue?
    connective tissue that contains extracellular matrix composed of Ca++ salts plus collagen fibers
  13. Image Upload 2
  14. lacuna
    Image Upload 3small osteocyte containing-cavities  found in bone tissue
  15. osteocytes
    Image Upload 4mature bone cell
  16. central canal
    • canal running through the core of each osteon
    • contains small blood vessels and nerve fibersImage Upload 5
  17. Image Upload 6canaliculi
    hair like channels that connect the lacunae to each other and the central canal
  18. Image Upload 7lamella
    the rings of matrix compresing the osteons of compact bone
  19. collagenous fibers
    composed of the protein collagen and located in most connective tissues
  20. compact bone
    although comprised of a series of osteons, it appears dense to the eye
  21. elastic fibers
    composed of protein collagen and provide flexibility in connective tissues
  22. fibroblast
    most common cell type in connective tissues; produces fibers and matrix
  23. perforating canals
    canals which lie at right angles to the long axis of the bone, extending outward from the central canal
  24. Image Upload 8
  25. epiphysial plate
    a layer of rapidly dividing hyaline cartilage
  26. where is the spongy bone located?
    interior of flat, short, and irregular dones and in the epiphyses of long bones
  27. Image Upload 9
    elastic cartilage
  28. Image Upload 10
    adipose tissue
  29. chondriacytes
    cells in cartilage
  30. epicondyles
    raised areas on the surface of bones for ligamentous attachment
  31. condyles
    contoured surface in epiphyses of long bones covered with articular cartilage
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