Latin Chapter 9 vocabulary

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  1. locus, locī
    place; passage in literature (masculine)
  2. studium, studiī
    eagerness, zeal, pursuit, study (neuter)
  3. ille, illa, illud
    that; the former; the famous; he, she, it, they
  4. alius, alia, aliud
    other, another
  5. alter, altera, alterum
    the other (of two), second
  6. nūllus, nūlla, nūllum
    not any, no, none
  7. nōn sōlum . . . sed etiam
    not only . . . but also
  8. ūllus, ūlla, ūllum
  9. uter, utra, utrum
    either, which (of two)
  10. in (+acc.)
    into, toward; against
  11. loca, locōrum
    places, region (neuter)
  12. morbus, morbī
    disease, sickness (masculine)
  13. hic, haec, hoc
    this; the latter; he, she, it, they
  14. íste, ísta, ístud
    that of yours, that; such (as you have, as you speak of); sometimes with contemptuous force,
  15. aliī . . . aliī
    some . . . others
  16. neuter, neutra, neutrum
    not either, neither
  17. sōlus, sōla, sōlum
    alone, only, the only
  18. tōtus, tōta, tōtum
    whole, entire
  19. ūnus, ūna, ūnum
    one, single, alone
  20. enim
    for, in fact, truly
  21. nímis, nímium
    too, too much, excessively; (in a positive sense, esp. with adjectives and adverbs) exceedingly, very
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