Muscles of the face

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  1. Frontalis
    a-wrinkles forehead and elevates eyebrow
  2. Occipitalis
    a-retracts and tenses scalp
  3. Temporalis
    a-elevates mandible
  4. orbicularis oculi
    a-closes eye
  5. nasalis
    a-compresses bridge, depresses tip of nose and elevates corners of nostrils
  6. levator labii superioris
    a-elevates upper lip
  7. depressor labii inferioris
    a-depresses lower lip
  8. orbicularis oris
    a-compresses and protrudes lips
  9. zygomaticus major
    • a-retracts and elevates corner of mouth
    • o-zygomatic arch
    • i-skin of upper lip
  10. zygomaticus minor
    a-retracts and elevates upper lip
  11. triangularis
    a-depresses corner of mouth
  12. buccinator
    a-compresses cheeks to expel air
  13. risorius
    a-draws corner of mouth laterally
  14. mentalis
    a-elevates and protrudes lower lip and wrinkles skin of chin
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