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  1. convoluted
    intricate and complicated

    " a convoluted argument is not lucid"
  2. corroborate

    1. to provide supporting evidence

    "her absence corroborated her guilt"
  3. credulous
    • 1. too trusting, gullible
  4. crescendo
    • NO ANT
    • 1. steadily increaing volume or force
  5. decorum
    • appropriateness or behavior or conduct
  6. deference
    • respect, courtesy
  7. deride

    ridicule, pillory;disdain, disparage, denigrate, dismiss, slight; sneer at, scorn, insult
  8. desiccate
    to dry out thoroughly
  9. desultory
    • KEEN
    • jumping from one thing to another; disconnected

    casual, cursory, superficial, token, perfunctory, half-hearted, lukewarm;random, aimless, erratic, unmethodical, unsystematic, chaotic,inconsistent, irregular, intermittent, sporadic, fitful.
  10. diatribe
    an abusive condemnatory speech
  11. diffident
    lacking self confidence
  12. dilate
    to make larger, expand
  13. dilatory
    intended to delay
  14. dilettante
    someone with an amateurish and superficial interest in a topic
  15. dirge
    a funeral hymn or mournful speech
  16. disabuse
    to set right, to free from error
  17. discern
    to percieve, to recognize
  18. disparate
    fundamentally different, entirely unlike
  19. dissemble
    to present a flase appearance, to disguise one's real intentions or character
  20. dissonance
    a harsh and disagreeable combination, often of sounds
  21. dogma
    a firlmy held opinion, often a religious belief
  22. dogmatic
    dictatorial in one's opinions
  23. dupe
    to decieve, a person who is easily duped
  24. eclectic
    selecting from or made up from a variety of sources
  25. efficacy
  26. elegy
    a sorrowful poem or speech
  27. eloquent
    persuasive and moving, especially in speech
  28. emulate
    to copy, to try to equal or excel
  29. enervate
    to reduce in strength
  30. engender
    to produce, cause or bring about
  31. enumerate
    to count, list or itemize
  32. equivocate
    to use expressions of double meaningin in order to mislead
  33. erudite
    scholarly, learned and bookish
  34. forment
    to arouse or incite
  35. iconoclast
    one who opposes established beliefs, customs and institutions
  36. inchoate
    not fully formed, disorganized
  37. inimical
    hostile, unfriendly
  38. intransigent
    uncompromising, refusing to be reconciled
  39. malinger
    to evade responsibility by pretending to be ill
  40. mollify
    to calm or make less severe
  41. obviate
    to prevent, make unnecessary
  42. onerous
    troublesome and oppresive, burdensome
  43. opprobrium
    public disgrace
  44. ostentation
    excessive showiness
  45. paragon
    model of excellence or perfection
  46. perfidious
    willing to betray one's trust
  47. plastic
    able to be molded, altered, bent
  48. precipitate
    to throw violently or bring about abruptly, lacking deliberation
  49. prevaricate
    to lie or deviate from the truth
  50. propitiate
    to conciliate, to appease
  51. rarefy
    to make thinner or sparser
  52. specious
    deceptively attractive, seemingly plausible but fallacious
  53. vex
    to annoy
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