1. What does essential mean?
    needed by our body but our body cannot make it on its own
  2. What is glucose?
    blood sugar
  3. What is another word for fat?
  4. What are amino acids?
    building blocks of cells
  5. What is the main function of protein?
    repair and maintenance of cells
  6. What is carbohydrate's main function?
    the main energy source of the body
  7. What is dehydration?
    when the body doesn't have enough water
  8. What is thirst?
    The body's way of telling us we need water
  9. What is a calorie?
    unit of measure of energy
  10. What are minerals?
    essential nutrients found in plants and plant-eating animals
  11. What is fiber?
    carbohydrate that the body cannot digest, found in plant walls - needed by our digestive systems
  12. What are vitamins?
    essential nutrients needed in small amounts; found in nearly all foods and made by living things such as plants
  13. Give 5 reasons why we eat as we do.
    • 1) tradition: like at a holiday
    • 2) availability: it's in the pantry
    • 3) habit: because I always eat it
    • 4) preference: because I like it
    • 5) economy: because i can afford it
    • 6) convenience: because it's easy to prepare
    • 7) nutritional value: because it's good for me
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