Zoonotic2- BSE

  1. 3 human TSE diseases?
    Creutzfeldt-jakob disease, kuru, gerstmann-straussler syndrome
  2. 4 animal TSE diseases?
    bovine spongiform encepalitis, scrapie in sheep and goats,chronic wasting disease in elk/deer/moose, transmission milk encephalitis
  3. 3 main theories on the nature of TSE agents?
    unconventional virus; incomplete virus composed of naked nucleic acids protected by host proteins; prion of abnormal proteinase resistant protein, devoid of nucleic acid, capable of causing a cell to produce abnormal protein
  4. TSE agents are resistant to __(4)__; there is a _________ relationship to susceptibility.
    heat, UV, disinfectants, digestion by proteases; genetic
  5. What are the initial signs of BSE infection? (5)
    subtle apprehension, fear, easily startled, depressed
  6. What are the final stages of BSE infection? (5)
    excitable, hyperreflexia, hypermetria, ataxia, muscle tremors
  7. What is the termination state of BSE? (2)
    decreased rumination, drop in body weight despite good appetite
  8. Where was the first case of BSE diagnosed?
    UK in 1986 in a cow
  9. The most likely origin of BSE.
    disease transformed from scrapies in sheep (lots of sheep in the UK)
  10. 3 laws that changed in response to BSE in the UK.
    rendering of carcasses changes, ban of ruminant-source protein feeds, human consumption of specific bovine offals banned
  11. Transmission of BSE is by__________.
  12. What are infectious bovine tissues with BSE? (3)
    brain, spinal cord, retina
  13. All human cases of CJD have been _________ for methionine at codon 129 of PrPc.
  14. Initial clinical signs of CJD. (7)
    depression, anxiety, insomnia, social withdrawal, painful sensory symptoms, schizophrenia-like psychosis, neurologic
  15. What does the progression of CJD cause? (2)
    completely immobile and mute
  16. What USDA precautions were put in place from 1989-2012? (4)
    import restrictions on ruminants and ruminant products, surveillance for high risk animals (downer cows, died on farm, neurologic signs, rabies-neg), banned mammalian proteins as food source for ruminants, testing for BSE
  17. What was the USDA response to the first case of CDJ in the USA? (4)
    all downer cows banned from human food, suspect carcasses held until test results, neurologic tissues/distal ileum/tonsils/spinal cord/skull banned from human food, prohibited air injection stunning of cattle at slaughter
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