GEO ch. 4

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  1. Air Pressure
    Produced by the weight of the atmosphere bearing down on all surfaces
  2. Turbulence adds vertical updrafts and downdrafts
  3. anemometer
    measures wind speed at kph
  4. wind vane
    measures wind direction
  5. the movement of air redistributes heat and resolves energy imbalances through three levels of atmospheric circulation
    • primary (general global air movement)
    • secondary (migratory high and low pressure systems)
    • tertiary (local winds and weather)
  6. Makai breeze
    occur during the day as hot air rises over land and cooler air over water is drawn toward the shore
  7. mauna breeze
    occurs at night as warmer air over ocean rises and cooler air over the mountains falls and is drawn offshore
  8. Pressure gradient
    the difference in atmospheric pressure between areas of high and low pressure
  9. isobars
    lines of equal pressure on a weather map are displayed
  10. high pressure areas feature descending, diverging air flows
  11. low pressure area feature ascending, converging air flows
  12. Coriolis force
    deflects any object moving over Earths surface form a straight path
  13. Geostrophic winds
    air flows parallel to isobars
  14. Cyclones
    Counterclockwise surface winds serial into low pressure cells in the northern hemisphere
  15. Anticyclones
    clockwise surface winds spiral out of high pressure areas
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