angielski idiomy i frazale 1

  1. to give sb a cold shoulder
    to ignore sb
  2. to lose your head
    to start to panic
  3. keep a cool head
    keep calm
  4. keep a straight face
    show no emotions
  5. pull sb leg
    trick sb
  6. turn your nose up
  7. get sth off your chest
    share some secret
  8. keep a sniff upper lip
    hide emotions
  9. have a mind on your own
    have your own opinion
  10. see eye to eye
    to agree
  11. be under thumb
    be controlled
  12. put on a brave face
    not show your upset
  13. tear your hair out
    be anxious about sth
  14. make up your mind
    make decision
  15. fall head over heels in love
    suddenly fall in love
  16. cry your eyes out
    cry a lot
  17. be out of your mind
    be crazy
  18. hold your tongue in case
    be quiet
  19. put your foot in it
    get into trouble
  20. laugh your head off
    haugh a lot
  21. chat sb up
    start talking to someone
  22. come up with an idea
    share a new idea
  23. do with some help
    need help
  24. fall for a trick
    become tricked
  25. fall out with someone
    pokłócić się z kimś
  26. get on like a house on fire
    get on very well
  27. overcome an obstacle
    solve some problem
  28. settle down
    start living calmly
  29. strike up an conversation
    start conversation
  30. take the weight off your feet
    sit down
  31. turn down something
    reject sth
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