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  1. When comparing English colonies to Spanish ones:
    • a.only Spain was interested in finding gold.
    • b.England used Native Americans more for labor.
    • c.England sent more people to the Americas in the seventeenth century.
    • d.Spain relied much more on indentured servant labor.
    • e.only England was interested in converting the Native Americans.
  2. Religious dissension in England the first half of the seventeenth century resulted in:
    • a.a civil war.
    • b.war with Spain.
    • c.the pope visiting the monarchy in London.
    • d.England not focusing on the monarchy.
    • e.Henry VIII restoring Catholicism.
  3. Why did King Henry VIII break from the Catholic Church?
    • a.The Pope had banned England from exploring the New World because the Church already had limited land ownership there to Spain and Portugal.
    • b.He wanted a divorce, and the Pope refused to grant it.
    • c.He was trying to unify Great Britain.
    • d.He wanted to be pope, and the College of Cardinals refused to elect an English Catholic.
    • e.He thought the Catholic Church was corrupt and he wanted to protect the English people from its abuses.
  4. All of the following contributed to the English social crisis of the late sixteenth century EXCEPT:
    • a.a lower birth rate, which made it difficult to find workers for new industries.
    • b.the enclosure movement, which forced thousands of peasants from farms.
    • c.increased prices buoyed by the influx of gold and silver from Latin America.
    • d.decreased wages in the cities.
    • e.the invasion of the cities by vagrants, who wandered the roads in search of work.
  5. At the heart of the English Civil War was:
    • a.which family would rule the English throne.
    • b.whether Puritans should separate from the Church of England.
    • c.who should control the colonies in the New World.
    • d.whether England should be an ally of Spain.
    • e.a question of sovereignty in who would make decisions for the government.
  6. Guns made the West African slave kingdoms more powerful. What happened as a result?
    • a.They eventually stopped selling slaves.
    • b.They killed more slaves than they captured.
    • c.Europeans rarely ventured into the interior of West Africa.
    • d.They also used European armies to capture slaves.
    • e.Despite having guns, they accumulated very little wealth from selling slaves.
  7. Why was slavery less prevalent in the northern colonies?
    • a.Northern whites were not as racist as southern whites.
    • b.It was too expensive to transport slaves to the North.
    • c.The small farms of the northern colonies did not need slaves.
    • d.More reformers lived in the North.
    • e.The northern colonies used Indian labor instead.
  8. In the northern colonies, slaves:
    • a.lived in segregated but prosperous communities.
    • b.became more important in New England after the Half-Way Covenant.
    • c.were far less important to New England than the Middle Colonies.
    • d.were forbidden by law to display any aspect of African culture in public.
    • e.faced far harsher treatment than they did in the South.
  9. What did JuníperoSerra hope to do in California?
    • a.convert Indians to Christianity and to settled farming
    • b.explore the Sacramento River basin to find gold
    • c.claim the land for Spain and earn the praise of Queen Isabella
    • d.stop the common practice of using Indians as forced laborers
    • e.take over the Russian trading post at what is now Santa Barbara
  10. Which one of the following did NOT contribute to the expansion of the public sphere during the eighteenth century?
    • a.the establishment of literary and philosophical clubs
    • b.widespread literacy
    • c.the proliferation of newspapers and libraries
    • d.the trial of John Peter Zenger
    • e.the founding of the California missions
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