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  1. What size shall the numbers be in the front of an address?  What is the formula to determine the size?
    Minimum size: 4" high X 2" wide

    Formula:  The height in inches shall be 1/10 of the distance in feet from the property line to the structure as seen from the street which the structure faces.  The width shall be 1/2 of the height.
  2. What size shall Fire Department Connection signs be?
    Not less than eight inches in width and four inches in height.
  3. What size shall FIRE HOSE cabinet lettering be?
    Not less than 3 inches in height on a contrasting background.
  4. What size shall the lettering be on a fire hose cabinet containing a FIRE EXTINGUISHER?
    Not less than 3 inches high on contrasting background.
  5. When is a "Responsible Resident" required in an apartment house?
    Whenever there are 16 or more dwelling units or a hotel has 20 or more rooms.
  6. How long shall the hose in the hose cabinets be?
    100 feet
  7. When is a fire alarm system required in a structure?
    • Every apartment house 3 or more stories in height or containing 16 or more dwelling units. 
    • Every hotel 3 or more stories in height or containing 20 or more guest rooms.
  8. What is the exception to the fire alarm system?
    In buildings which were constructed or converted to such use prior to Sept. 19, 1947
  9. What size shall the aisle which leads to each required exit be in every building other than single family dwellings be?
    Minimum width shall be 44"
  10. What size shall the windows be leading to a fire escape?
    Such window shall have the minimum dimensions of 29" when open.  The sill shall be not more than 30" above the floor landing.
  11. What size lettering shall exit signs have?
    Block letters at least 6" in height with a stroke of not less than 3/4".
  12. When is stairway identification required?
    Buildings 3 or more stories in height.
  13. What size shall the Stairway Identification System signs be?
    What size should the lettering be?
    • Square shape with minimum dimension of 12".
    • Block style in the middle of the sign and shall be at least 5" in height with a 3/4's inch stroke
  14. How far off the floor shall Stairwell Identification signs be?
    The bottom of the sign shall be 5 feet above the floor of the stairway landing.
  15. How many fire extinguishers and what type shall be required?
    At least 1 Class 2A fire extinguisher shall be provided on each floor and distributed throughout the building or premises in such a manner that the horizontal distance of travel to the nearest extinguisher shall not exceed 75 feet.
  16. What is the exception to the fire extinguisher requirement?
    • Garden type apartment houses containing 15 or less apartment and not over 2 stories in height.
    • Garden type hotels containing 19 or less guest rooms and not over 2 stories in height.
  17. What is the requirement for passageways on roofs?
    One access passageway shall be provided for every 50' length, or fraction thereof, of roof surface.  Passageways shall be at least 3' wide and have at least 7' of overhead clearance.
  18. How any extra sprinkler heads are required for systems not over 300 heads?
    301 to 1000?
    Over 1000?
    • Not over 300: 6 extra heads
    • 301 - 1000:  12 spare heads
    • Over 1000:  24 spare heads
  19. What is considered a multi unit dwelling?
    Multi unit residential occupancies 5-15 units and hotels with 619 guest rooms which are less than 3 stories in height.
  20. What are the requirements for fire extinguishers in a basic commercial occupancy?
    Extinguishers having a gross weight not exceeding 40 pounds shall be installed so that the top of the extinguisher is not more than 5 feet above the floor.  Extinguishers having a gross weight greater than 40 pounds except wheeled type, shall be so installed that the top of the extinguisher is not more than 3 1/2' above the floor.  In no case shall the clearance between the bottom of the extinguisher and the floor be less than 4 inches.
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